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Are you or a loved one living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS)?

Lightship is looking for people 18-60 who have MS to join a research study.
Qualified participants may receive:
  • Reimbursement for travel and expenses
  • Study-related appointment with neurological health specialists
  • Health insurance is not required

Multiple Sclerosis


The exact cause of MS is still unclear, but it’s a long-lasting disease that occurs when the immune system attacks a fatty material in the body, causing issues with the central nervous system. People with MS will often start experiencing symptoms between the ages 20 and 40, and it is more common in women. No two people experience MS the same way, since there is a wide range of symptoms and fluctuation in severity. These symptoms can include fatigue, muscle weakness, numbness, vision or cognitive issues, and chronic pain. While there is currently no cure, those who struggle look for treatment options to help prevent relapses and slow the disease’s effect.

Study Details

  • 18-60 male or female
  • Diagnosed with MS
  • Treating with IV Infusion therapy
  • If you qualify, you’ll attend appointments with a neurologist, and have routine telemedicine check-in calls
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Why Participate in Clinical Trials

Clinical research helps find better ways to prevent, screen for, diagnose, or treat diseases and other health conditions. They involve people just like you, who are motivated to take part to help doctors and researchers learn more about diseases and improve health care for everyone.

About Lightship

At Lightship, we engage patients at home and on their schedule to make taking part in clinical research more accessible for everyone. We use everyday solutions such as video communication to allow patients to interact with our doctors, nurses, and study coordinators throughout the study. At Lightship, we make every effort to be the best provider of direct to patient clinical research in the United States.